The source of inspiration behind the design of the first Nikos Koulis Jewels boutique in Mykonos has been the brand logo. Designed by Stage Design Office, Stavros Papagiannis & Yorgos Kiriazis, along with the brand owners, this new boutique has become an international sensation.

The austere and emblematic logo invokes a religious symbolism and determined the integration of an ascetic aesthetic with multiple references in the Cycladic tradition.

The large stone slabs from the near island of Rinia on the floor, the vintage wood door and the arches in the stone walls were preserved and combined with the ethereal cast iron displays and the white marble surfaces, which allow day light to diffuse in the once dark ‘katogi’ (cellar), intensifying the emotional aspect of the jewels’ discovery.

The marble counter reminiscing an altar where the ‘mystery’ of showcasing the jewels is being held, combined with the tailor-made pews from the same material, redefine the position of the client toward his object of desire, establishing respect and proximity.


Mykonos, N. Kalogera, 35, Chora, Mykonos — Tel: +30 22890-28688

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