Mykonos Feelings Temporary Space BOUTIQUE

Nikos Koulis envisioned the presentation of Feelings collection in an artistic environment, so he collaborated with the celebrated Greek-Cypriot artist Socratis Socratous to create a custom sculptural installation inspired from these particular jewelry pieces. The collaboration resulted in a special exhibition to present the collection, at Rodeo Art Gallery in Pireus in March 2019, where jewelry were showcased on bronze custom sculptures in a whimsical scenery with iron and bronze floral elements.

Naturally, the next step of this presentation was a dedicated space to present the collection along with parts of the sculptural installation. Thus, Nikos Koulis Feelings space was born in Mykonos, in an adjacent location to Nikos Koulis main boutique in Kalogera street. Designed by Nikos Koulis team and their constant creative partner, Stavros Papagiannis from Stage Design Office, the space has a distinctive, dramatic character to illustrate the character of the jewelry. The marron brown color in walls and arch window-cases is a reference to the earthy tones of Cycladic soil, accompanying the bronze floral sculptures and the dark mirror reflecting them.

Although Feelings space in Mykonos is a temporary space lasting through the beginning of September, the collection and its custom installation will periodically travel the world.


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